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  • 4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won’t be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly “200 meters to 100 meters,” Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to “frozen stories” that reveal more about the game world and
    Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

  • Kalypso Media has announced that Tropico 6 for PC has been delayed until January 2019, with the dictator sim releasing for consoles in summer 2019. According to a statement from the publisher, Tropico was delayed from a 2018 release date to give the development team at Limbic Studios more time to polish the title. Tropico is a city building/dictator sim which sees you playing as the leader of the island state of Tropico (AKA El Presidente). Tropico 6 is the latest addition to the Tropico series
    Tropico 6 delayed to January 2019 – and console dictators have an even longer wait

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  • One such secret is the mysterious Bloodstained Demon 44, Kunekune, and this guide will help interested players locate it. To note, finding Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Demon 44 does not grant any exceptional prize. Where to Find Bloodstained Demon 44The hunt for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night enemy 44 begins by boarding the train from the Bridge of Evil. How to Beat Bloodstained Demon 44While locating Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night monster 44 is quite simple, defeating it is another m
    Bloodstained: Where to Find the Demon 44 Easter Egg Monster

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    What to expect when you’re expecting a rate cutA week of dovish fireworks out of the central banking community has just gone by with most of the world’s leading central banks now guiding towards easing in light of downside…Commentaryread more
    Trump reportedly said he wants to end decades-old defense treaty with Japan

  • SpaceX is launching its massive Falcon Heavy rocket for the second time this year on Monday night in an experimental mission for the U.S. Air Force. The rocket is delivering 24 spacecraft into three separate orbits, in what CEO Elon Musk called SpaceX’s “most difficult launch ever.” Lifting off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the mission will take about 3 1/2 hours to complete. Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket in the world, with 27 engines to power the colossus. In essence, Falcon
    Watch SpaceX launch the world's most powerful rocket in a complex mission for the Air Force

  • 科创板第一股遭质疑 华兴源创估值迎考 时代周报记者 黄嘉祥 发自深圳 6月19日,科创板第一股正式出炉。来自江苏的华兴源创拿下科创板001号代码,其股票代码为688001。 在成为市场焦点的同时,华兴源创也经历了一场质疑风波。当日,有自媒体发布文章称,华兴源创将收入占比只有0.2%的半导体描述成公司主营业务,“涉嫌严重欺骗”。 6月20日,上交所和华兴源创先后进行回应。上交所指出,“个别自媒体对科创板发行人信息披露提出的质疑,存在断章取
    科创板第一股光环下遭质疑 华兴源创百亿估值迎考

  • 一例购房支付链“漏洞”调查: 购房首付款飞了,哪里来的“孙全志”? 6月17日,蒋女士在上地不动产登记事务中心查询到的信息显示,这次购房交易共有两次网签记录,第一次是1月17日办理,网签合同中将一位名为“孙全志”的人士列为买受共有人,而事实上的买受共有人蒋女士本人(买受人为其丈夫)则不在其中。与此同时,在房管局的资金划转协议中显示,若交易不成功,资金退回至孙全志账户。 一次正常的购房行为,交易却无法顺利完成。 更为蹊跷的是,在买卖双方都
    链家购房支付链漏洞:147万购房首付款飞了 制造矛盾

  • With this pane of 16 stamps, the Postal Service brings Tyrannosaurus rex to life — some 66 million years after its demise. Postal Service and dedicating officialTyrannosaurus rex dominated the tail end of the dinosaur age. Four dynamic designs on a pane of 16 stamps depict the awe-inspiring dinosaur in growth stages from infancy to adulthood. The third and fourth stamps depict a newly hatched T. rex covered with downy feathers and a bare-skinned juvenile T. rex chasing a primitive mammal. The Ty
    U.S. Postal Service Issuing Tyrannosaurus Rex Forever Stamps Aug. 29

  • I don’t regret my decisionI won’t lie: Early retirement has been a dream come true. Early retirement isn’t for everyone. That said, here are the biggest negatives of early retirement that no one likes to talk about: 1) You may suffer from an identity crisis. It wasn’t until three years later, when my wife joined me in early retirement, that my boredom began to dissipate. Early retirement won’t solve all your problems
    I retired at 34 with $3 million—here are 5 downsides of early retirement that no one tells you

  • The newest expansion, Island Living, is different, focusing less on a mechanic, and more on the feel of a specific place. Island Living drops players into Sulani, the first Sims 4 world built with the game’s new terrain tools in mind. Much like the previous urban-based expansion City Living, Island Living is centered around executing a core concept in as many ways as possible. The Sims is at its best when the mundane and the wild are married together, and Island Living excels at this. All of the
    The Sims 4’s Island Living expansion is an oasis of escapism

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator was one of the best things to come out of E3—and the prospect of soaring over realistic cities and snowy mountains just got even more appetizing. The game will support “third-party content development and community content creation”, the development team confirmed in a blog post this week, and no doubt modders are already licking their lips. Microsoft didn’t specify exactly how it would support community content, but my guess is that we’ll see something akin to the Min
    Microsoft Flight Simulator will support 'community content'

  • Destiny 2’s Lord of Wolves burst-fire shotgun is overpowered. In PvP, that means repeatedly dying to the weapon, which can shut down super abilities in an instant. Bungie intend to nerf the gun, but not immediately, according to creative director Luke Smith, who says a quick fix would put too much strain on the dev team. “To ask a team to do that back-to-back, full disclosure, is not a thing we want to do. In a later blog post, Smith said the weapon was particularly broken in PvP games on PC.
    Bungie delays Destiny 2 shotgun nerf to reduce workload on dev team

  • A few years ago a StarCraft 2 mod gave one of its maps the cartoon stylings of CarBot Animations, whose YouTube series StarCrafts has been turning the classic RTS into something much more adorable since 2012. Now they’re doing something similar for StarCraft: Remastered, only this time it won’t be tucked away in Arcade Mode. It’s a reskin for the entire game, with even the cutscene talking heads turned cute and cartoonish. This visual overhaul was created with help from Blizzard and has taken ov
    StarCraft: Remastered is getting a cartoon reskin

  • Survival RTS They Are Billions came out of Early Access recently with a full campaign mode to supplement its existing survival mode. It received a rough reaction on Steam’s user reviews, with recent reviews dropping from Very Positive to Mixed. Developer Numantian have responded to the feedback with the first of many updates. The difficulty of the first few missions has been lowered, and the default mode is now Accessible rather than Challenging to encourage new players to start there and work t
    They Are Billions campaign patch alters difficulty, time limits

  • In Streets of Rogue you’re a member of the Resistance, with missions to do in a procedurally generated city. You’re expected to carry them out with whatever tools your character has at their disposal. This is the kind of game where you can put poison gas in air vents, but it’s also got pills that turn people into giants. Streets of Rogue has been in Early Access for over two years, but as that trailer above shows, developer Matt Dabrowski is ready for his game baby to leave beta. Streets of Rogu
    Roguelite immersive sim Streets of Rogue is leaving Early Access

  • The file sizes have been revealed for four upcoming PlayStation 4 games. When viewed directly on the console, the product pages of the games show that F1 2019 requires 36.12 GB, Monster Jam Steel Titans requires 8.76 GB, Samurai Shodown requires 18.65 GB and The Sinking City requires 27.96 GB of free space on the hard disk drive. If you are interested, you can pre-order the disc versions with the following links on Amazon:Monster Jam Steel Titans, Samurai Shodown and The Sinking City are all com
    PS4 file sizes revealed for F1 2019, Monster Jam Steel Titans, Samurai Shodown and The Sinking City

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