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  • 4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won’t be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly “200 meters to 100 meters,” Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to “frozen stories” that reveal more about the game world and
    Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

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    But as more and more players reach Borderlands 3’s endgame and the grind for endgame loot, certain glaring flaws become all the more apparent. Borderlands 3 players, particularly on Reddit, are trying to call Gearbox’s attention to Borderlands 3’s lengthy loading times, which can make trying to farm endgame gear a nightmare. advertisingIn one of Reddit’s recent top upvoted posts, the big issue with Borderlands 3 endgame loot grinding is made transparently clear. advertisingIt’s almost certain th
    Borderlands 3 Players Are Brainstorming Fixes for Awful Load Times

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  • Controller Gear has released its officially licensed Nintendo Switch Super Mario Holiday Skin & Screen Protector Sets. If you are interested, you can purchase the accessory bundles with the following links from the online retailer:You can also take a look at Amazon’s product description and features list for the Switch Super Mario Holiday Skin & Screen Protector Sets below:Officially Licensed Skin and Screen Protector Bundle by Controller Gear are a great way to customize, protect and enhance yo
    Controller Gear Nintendo Switch Super Mario Holiday Skin & Screen Protector Sets now available

  • Amazon has put up a listing for the PS4/XB1 Rover 1 Personal Buddah Tek Station + R1 Messenger Bag, revealing a few details. You can also take a look at Amazon’s product description and features list for the PS4/XB1 Rover 1 Personal Buddah Tek Station + R1 Messenger Bag below:The perfect combination of fashion, function and freedom! The Rover 1 and R1 Messenger Bbag were conceived as a set so it makes perfect sense to take them home together. The patented high-impact chassis is uniquely Designed
    Details revealed for the PS4/XB1 Rover 1 Personal Buddah Tek Station + R1 Messenger Bag

  • Deals season dominated the start of the week, but as Monday’s peak Cyber levels dimmed into the background radiation of the universe, PC gaming marched along toward the end of the decade with a PC homecoming for Halo, new footage of Netflix’s Witcher series, and a smattering of announcements. Here’s what happened this week in PC gaming:Halo: The Master Chief Collection hits the top of the charts on SteamIt turns out that PC gamers were hungry for Halo. Henry Cavill shows off a Witcher fight scen
    The biggest PC gaming stories of the week

  • So, now that the Holidays are rapidly approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to gather up all the best PC gaming toys that will light up a PC gamer’s little RGB heart. We covered the entire PC gaming landscape, including everything from gaming keyboards and mice to graphics cards and even gaming laptops. So, no matter the scale of your holidays this year, we can help you find the perfect gift for the PC gamer in your life. If the PC gamer in your life has been waiting for a graphic
    Top Christmas gifts for PC gamers

  • Two years after we last looked at Ylands, “a promising sandbox game” and toolkit in development at Arma studio Bohemia Interactive, it’s finally exited Early Access and is now in full release on Steam. The 1.0 release also makes the game free to play (it was previously $15), which Bohemia hopes will help kickstart the community of creators supporting the game. Players who purchased the game while it was in Early Access will get the Exploration Pack DLC automatically. Bohemia said that it will co
    Ylands, the sandbox survival game from the makers of Arma, goes free and exits Early Access on Steam

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife is the official title for Jason Reitman’s formerly untitled Ghostbusters sequel, and the first full-length trailer is coming Monday. 6, 2019The first official Ghostbusters: Afterlife photos were revealed in an article by Vanity Fair . “As the family arrives at an old farm, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters,” Reitman said. (Image credit: Columbia (Vanity Fair))Unlike the 2016 reboot, Ghostbusters: Afterl
    Ghostbusters 2020 is now called Ghostbusters: Afterlife, see the first official photos

  • Earlier in the week, CD Projekt announced that as of December 9, it will “discontinue support of console versions of the game.” Is The Elder Scrolls: Legends officially dead? That includes the upcoming full card pack expansion that was slated to come out before the end of the year. TESL isn’t shutting down for goodWhile the news will prove disappointing to fans of the game, devoted and prospective TESL players alike need not worry about the game and its existing expansions. In addition, Bethesda
    Is this the beginning of the end for The Elder Scrolls: Legends?

  • Square Enix released, then promptly deleted, a trailer confirming a January release for Kingdom Heart 3 ‘s big DLC pack, Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind. From the looks of it, Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind will release on January 3 for PS4 and January 5 for Xbox One. The trailer also laid out some key plot points, which were of course snapped up long before Square Enix managed to erase the evidence. (Image credit: Square Enix (Twitter: BSK Resident Evil 3))”Re Mind – the other tale that unfolded during th
    Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind DLC now-deleted release trailer confirms the return of Final Fantasy characters

  • 在王者峡谷中,吕布的战神名号可以说是无可置疑,尤其是到了后期出了无尽和电刀的吕布,在攻速和暴击的加成下,威力非常的惊人,绝对是对面脆皮和坦克的克星。而在新赛季吕布这名英雄又重新站了起来,全都因为分路调整之后,战士的生存环境好了太多!那么新赛季的吕布真的就这样强无敌了吗?其实还是有几个英雄克制吕布的! 首先要说的第一个英雄就是吕布的老婆貂蝉了,貂蝉这个英雄的真实伤害一点也不逊色于吕布,被貂蝉这个英雄缠住了之后,只能是慢慢的等待死亡。因为开

  • 《去月球》制作人高瞰今日公布了其自由鸟工作室的最新游戏作品——《影子工厂(Impostor Factory)》,现已登陆Steam页面,将于2020年发售。
    自由鸟工作室最新制作游戏 影子工厂登陆steam_腾讯新闻

  • 2019年的LPL全明星赛事已经落下了帷幕,这次比赛中可谓是欢乐十足,但也因为”正赛”打成了”娱乐模式”,遭到了不少网友的吐槽。 在赛前因为双方阵容实力强劲,被大家调侃为”至臻RNG大战至臻IG”,”S10的夺冠阵容”等等,所以网友们对这场比赛非常期待,但最终以两场大乱斗而告终,让网友们比较失望,纷纷表示去现场观赛的玩家亏大发了。 这个结局让解说比赛的三大阴阳师也没有料想到,他们也想看到第三局认真的打一场。因为辅助刘青松的过于娱乐,导致
    LPL全明星Rookie点名刘青松:这人就跟收了钱一样 不停的送!_腾讯新闻

  • 老夫子这位英雄在峡谷中一直处于不冷不热的状态,老夫子最大的特点就是带线能力强,单挑无敌,就算是号称最强战士的铠和典韦都不是其对手,有些粉丝可能不相信,会说不管是铠还是典韦都能吊打老夫子,其实不然,老夫子不管是前期或者后期都可以吊打铠和典韦,现在我来为大家分析一下。 首先介绍一下老夫子的技能,被动可以增加攻速移速真实伤害,还可以减少技能冷却时间。 一技能可以把敌人拉倒身前,防止敌人逃跑,二技能可就厉害了,能增加自身移速,反弹普工伤害,最重

  • KPL比赛在经过两个月的权属以后,在不断的层层筛选当中,现在已经迎来了它的总决赛,而这一次请我总决赛的两个相对我们都非常的熟悉,他们分别是,QGhappy 和AG超玩会,这两个战队一直以来都是备受大家关注的,无论是整个战队的实力还是两个战队之间的碰撞,一直以来都是大家特别关心的一个点。QG Fly 作为战队中的一个非常重要的存在,也在忙着准备这一次的总决赛。 很多人对于他的有一个很深的印象,他曾经用凯皇以一敌四,成功的深入对方的后方,然

  • 热血电竞,品味人生。An妮电竞说为您播报,期待您的关注! 时间过得飞快,转眼之间S赛已经过去快一个月了,而全明星赛第二个比赛日的比赛已经画上了圆满的句号。在已经结束的Solo赛中,Theshy和Uzi两人一路披荆斩棘,顺利挺进四强,而Doinb和小天这对难兄难弟也如图小天之前采访所说的那样,都双双倒在了16强。在昨天的1V1Solo赛中,Uzi和Bang两位传奇AD选手的对决也成为了大家关注的焦点。 在这场solo中,bang选择了快乐

  • LOL全明星收官之日,Solo赛也全部结束,遗憾的是Uzi并没有拿到冠军,在最后的比赛中小狗连着三把拿出维鲁斯这个英雄,然而结果并不是这么好,在率先拿下一场胜利之后被连追两场,而Uzi三选维鲁斯也被一些玩家热议,真就这么头铁? 第一场,Bwipo拿出奥恩这英雄,这是一个抗压很强的英雄,同时对脆皮也有一定的斩杀能力,然而他面对的是韦鲁斯,破甲之后的伤害太高了,加上手短的劣势,第一场被Uzi欺负得很惨。 第二场Bwipo拿出人马这英雄,高速

  • 《花与剑》手游。好感达到一定程度在长安城地图宁儿处可以获得一条时闻任务: 在梨花台打听王寡妇杀死了自己孩子的事情。去梨花台,跟头上亮叹号的npc聊天,和尚”悟静”。悟静说:”王寡妇老说自己祖上是书圣王羲之(东晋书法家),她的儿子以后要像王羲之一样有出息。她那天还跟我说了个典故——王羲之小时候喝过墨汁,可以看书当饭吃,所以才那么有学问” 然后还有梨花台东边彩带上的npc凌雪。凌雪说:”王寡妇的丈夫早早就死了,跟儿子相依为命,对儿子期望很高

  • 版本更新消息:姜子牙实力增强,盘古再次削弱,而他即将逆袭!_腾讯新闻

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